Fennel Seeds

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  • Weight 30 g, 90 g, 300 g
  • Gluten Free No
  • Country of origin India
  • Brand The Spice Trader
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Botanical name   Foeniculum vulgare   ▪   Family name   Umbelliferae

Fennel is a seed spice from a tall, leggy, aromatic perennial of the parsley and carrot family. The fennel plant is now naturalised in many parts of the world, and is one of the oldest cultivated plants.

Native range   Southern Europe, Mediterranean Region

Major producers   India, Argentina, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan, USA

Harvesting   The seeds are harvested when the fruits are mature and sage green in colour.

Taste and aroma   Fennel has a sweet, warm, anise-liquorice aroma. The taste is slightly sweet with a hint of mild anise. Fennel seeds are less pungent than dill, and more astringent than anise.

Culinary uses   Fennel is often used to complement fish, meat, and poultry dishes. Dry roasting the seeds brings out the sweetness. Ground fennel is used in many curry powders and in Chinese five spice powder. Crushed seeds are used in salad dressings, and in savoury and sweet baking.

Other uses   Indians often chew fennel after a meal as a breath freshener and digestive aid. Fennel oil is used in cough medicine, liquorice sweets, perfumes, and soaps. Historical uses   The Romans enjoyed fennel shoots as a vegetable, and the Chinese and Indians valued fennel as a condiment and digestive aid. Storage   Fennel seed will keep for up to 2 years when stored in an airtight container. Click here for more information about fennel seeds.